Every so often the theme of the site changes. Sometimes it looks kind of weird I know. Livia asked one day if we could change the look and feel of the site and if she could pick the colors. І let her. Not too many months later, Owen asked too. I let him. I decided to let them pick the colors from now on. I try to help them determne what looks good, but if they really push for something, I let them have their way. So if you saw the site changed and thought to yourself. "what the heck?", here is your answer. Enjoy.

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Disney World 2013!
IMG_0115.JPG Well we finally made it to Disney World this year and it was worth waiting for. Here we are arriving in the airport in Orlando after our plane ride on Frontier Airline from Wilmington, DE. The kids were pretty excited to finally make the trip after a couple of years of talking about it.

We took in all the Disney Attractions (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Downtown Disney), we stayed at the Nickelodeon Hotel, and we visited Universal Studios from Monday to Saturday. It was tiring, but it was also super fun.

We rode all the major rides of each park and took in quite a few great shows. The Harry Potter ride and the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor were favorites. We took a day off at the Nickelodeon Hotel and that turned out to be a wonderful day as well.
Magic Kingdom
IMG_2882.JPG Our first day in Disney World started with the Magic Kingdom. We started with a simple train ride which Amy always likes. We were worried that Livia and Owen were getting to old for this park, but they had a great time. They loved Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Amy took it all in, but I think mostly enjoyed the 3D shows. We all really enjoyed the unique Mosnters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland area.
Hollywood Studios
IMG_2925.JPG Here we are at Hollywood Studios. We all enjoyed the Indiana Jones stunt show, but the car stunt show was closed. Amy met several characters here including Mickey and Mini Mouse and Wreck It Ralph. The kids and I probably enjoyed the Tower Of Terror and Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller Coaster rides the most. We had some lunch at Pizza Planet featured in the the Toy Story movie. The Fantasmic show was pretty awesome. The show projects scenes onto spouting water spray and includes a fire breathing dragon.
Animal Kingdom
IMG_2968.JPG The Safari ride at Animal Kingdom was well done. We saw the famous Tree of Life, rode a roller coaster in a Mt. Everest replica, and saw a bunch of unique animals all around the park. We ended the visit by enjoying a live production show about the Lion King using overly large sized animatronic animals from the movie including Timone and Simba.
Nickelodeon Hotel
dendog.jpg While the Nickelodeon Hotel had it's annoying parts (time share pushing and a vicious squirrel attack), we took a day off from the parks while there and we all had a really great time. We took advantage of the not so busy lagoon pool, water slides, hot tubs, basketball, billiards, and mini golf.

We also got picked to be on their live presentation of an old Nick game show called Double Dare which turned out to tons of fun. The idea is to answer trivia questions and/or accept physical challenges. Our family team, named the Downingtown Destroyers, indeed destroyed the blue team 250 points to 80 points. Meanwhile Denise ended up in a hot dog costume with mustard sauce dumped on her and Denise and I had to catch hula hoops with our heads that the kids were tossing. In the final round obstacle course Owen found himself in a gum ball machine and a bath tub, Livia had to pick a fake nose with slime coming out of it, Denise had to wade through popcorn balloons, and Dave had to sift through nachos with cheese on them. Upon successful completion of the 6 station obstacle course we won the ultimate prize, which was the kids getting slime dumped on them from a blimp.